Sunday, 30 May 2010

Wonder Woman Live Action Movie

Wonder Woman MovieLooks like DC Comics superheroine Wonder Woman is finally going to get her own movie! We've been longing for a Wonder Woman movie for quite a while. A few years ago Joss Whedon worked on a potential script, but the project fell in limbo because of troubles with world-building for the character (they don't know if the story should take place in present day or during World War II)... But fortunately the execs at Warner Bros still have Princess Diana aka Wonder Woman in mind: Warner chairman and CEO Barry Meyer confirmed indeed in May 2010 that a live action Wonder Woman movie is still in development.

So we may expect Wonder Woman to show up on the big screen quite soon, equipped with her legendary pair of indestructible bracelets, her mighty lasso of truth and her marvelous invisible airplane.

Who could get the lead role as the new Wonder Woman? Lot of fans would love to see Megan Fox as Wonder Woman. Here's a fan rendition:

Megan Fox Wonder WomanUnfortunately the actress already badmouthed the character... So she probably won't apply for the job. But since she's been kicked out of the Transformers movie franchise, she could well revise her judgment...

Maybe you'd recommend a better actress to play as the Amazon superhero? Who? And any suggestion for the plot of Wonder Woman?